The Quilt

The Quilt is an interactive installation taking the form of a patchwork blanket made of diverse fabrics and textures. People can sit around and interact with it by touch and pressure to activate some sound and light events. The Quilt represents the frontier between dream and reality. It shows the dream from the dreamer perspective by making the dream overflowing on reality. This installation is part of a triptych made in collaboration between eight artists during The Brain 7 Residency curated by artistic director of A MAZE Thorsten Thorsten S. Wiedemann.

The theme of The Brain 7 – Playful Media Residency Online is “Dream” : the dream about a society where individuals can live in peace, where humans can live and work in a socially, culturally and naturally durable environment.

Collaborative project. The Brain 7 Residency.

Partners :
Institut français Deutschland
Institut français Suède
Institut français Estonie

Team :
Emeline Néant (FR)
Jeanne Susplugas (FR)
Marie Dahlén (SE)